Easter Egg Race


Easter is right around the corner.  For the last 42 years, we have hosted our annual Easter Egg Races and have never had to cancel them.  Due to the safety of our customers and staff, we are postponing our 43rd Annual Easter Egg Races.  We will let you know when we will reschedule if possible.

But.. we can still have a little fun!  We WILL be having our annual Easter drawing contest.  

How to enter: 

  • Download the entry form (posted below) and submit it online at


Here's the rules:

Draw a picture of yourself with Grandrabbit
Submit your entry before midnight on April 12, 2020
Available for children ages 3-10

Have fun!  Let's see your creative side!

Drawing Contest Entry Form 



Next Easter Races Date: To Be Determined


Welcome to our official Grandrabbit’s Easter Races Page!

Every year, rain or shine, Grandrabbit’s Boulder location has Easter ‘Races’ in the courtyard behind the store. The Races happen the Saturday before Easter, and children ages 1 to 10 are welcome to participate. Every child that participates gets a certificate we call Bunny Munny, and one lucky child will find the GOLDEN EGG.

Grandrabbit will be in the courtyard as well, ready to meet the children and even take pictures together. Come meet her at her rocking chair.


The Set Up:

Races happen every 20 minutes! To participate in a race, please be in the courtyard at least 10 minutes before the race your child plans to take part in, as we line the kids up before the race begins to have a little fun with our wonderful MC singing songs, telling jokes, and announcing the rules for each race before it begins.

Each race has eggs that the children gather, which contain coupons for money or prizes. These coupons are added up to get a Bunny Munny certificate.

If you child panics and freezes, or refuses to pick up eggs, please connect with one of our employees in the brightly colored Grandrabbit’s shirts for a few eggs to put in the child’s basket. No child should go home unhappy because they got scared.

After each race, parents and their children can bring the egg coupons to one of our bright and cheerful employees stationed on the edge of the courtyard at a Counting Table to get their Bunny Munny. Bring the Bunny Munny to any of our 3 stores within 30 days to let your children buy something. (A lot of children want to buy something that day, so be prepared for a busy store and long checkout line.)


Race Times:

1 to 3 YEARS OLD:                             10:00                     11:00                     12:00                     1:00
4 to 6 YEARS OLD:                             10:20                     11:20                     12:20                     1:20
7 to 10 YEARS OLD:                           10:40                     11:40                     12:40                     1:40


The rules:

  1. Each child can participate in ONE Egg Race. No exceptions.
  2. A maximum of 25 egg coupons will be counted per child. (Excluding Prize coupons)
  3. Participating children must be 10 years old or younger. No exceptions.
  4. Children can only participate in a race suited for their age. (Trust us, we’ve done this for decades, don’t let a young child participate in a race for older children.)
  5. Parents cannot help children gather eggs. This is an event for the children; please let them enjoy the day. (One parent allowed in race area with kids ages 3 and under only.)
  6. Bunny Munny expires 30 days after the date of the Races. No exceptions.