Tap Mango

Introducing Our Loyalty Program: TapMango!


TapMango is an automated loyalty reward system that we currently use in all of our stores. Some of the benefits include:

  • A $10 voucher just for signing up.
  • Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend and 100 points earns you a $5 voucher.
  • Join our new Birthday Club. You'll get a $5 voucher to be used during the month of your child's birthday.
  • Assign Bunny Bucks. Earn money for your school at no cost to you.

There are several ways that you can sign up.

  1. Come into the store and pick up a complimentary TapMango key chain and then follow the instructions while at the store.
  2. Download the TapMango app on your phone.
  3. Register on their website:


Once you are signed up just check in on any of the TapMango tablets when you are ready to purchase something to start earning and using your rewards.


Birthday Club

One important aspect of Grandrabbit’s Customer Loyalty Program through TapMango is our Birthday Club.  The account holder may choose to include any of their children in the Birthday Club, as long as they are age 10 or under.

Once added into the Birthday Club, during the month of your child’s birthday TapMango will send you an email with a $5 voucher for your child to spend on a birthday gift from Grandrabbit’s!  Please print that coupon and bring it into the store.  Also included is 1 free Safari Good Luck Mini of the child’s choice (50 cent value).  The child must be present at the time of the transaction in order to use their voucher and receive their free Safari Mini.  Birthday Club Vouchers are valid through the month they are issued.


Bunny Bucks

Another option open to our Loyalty Members is our Bunny Bucks Program.  In addition to earning points on your own account you may also forward points you earn from purchases to your local school.  There are many schools already involved, and the schools can then use those points to obtain teaching materials from Grandrabbit's considerable options.  For more details on our Bunny Bucks program, click here.


Current Online Coupons

From time to time we will enable certain coupon codes for use in the online store.  Those codes are available to be used by any customer, not just loyalty members.